Rubens and Rembrandt workshop, 2018. Mr. Wang Jun's Mastercopy of Rembrandt's  Self portrait as the Apostle Paul , 1661.

Rubens and Rembrandt workshop, 2018. Mr. Wang Jun's Mastercopy of Rembrandt's Self portrait as the Apostle Paul, 1661.

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EACRA collaborates with many institutes and associations, related to the fields of art and art conservation, that organize a variety of international-level events such as meetings, workshops and other art events related to the field of art conservation. Thanks to this wide network of collaborations, the above-mentioned events are primarily open to the members of EACRA.



Art Material Workshops are entrusted to guest conservators to get up to date with the latest innovations related to the conservation techniques, and to artists, in order for them to exchange ideas with eminent personalities and scholars from the conservator/restorator field. They will share their point of view and give hints that will surely constitute a further reflection tool for the participants’ professional career.



The Annual International Meetings are a great opportunity to review restoration treatments and exchange ideas with different professional specialists. The meetings are organized on a yearly basis and each Meeting deals with a specific theme, analised through case studies, provided by objects conservators, painting conservators and paper conservators.

During the Meetings, the experts and practitioners from around the world will have the chance to share the best practices and to give formal presentations on the latest preventive conservation and restoration techniques. Conservators recognized worldwide will talk about the latest innovations of the research and will have the opportunity to get causes for reflection to make their own work move forward.

Upcoming Events:

2019 Beijing "1st Annual International Meeting for Art Conservation" is searching for Senior Conservators to join the event as Honourable Speakers.

The theme of the event is the Renaissance.

Any interested professionals are required to submit a pre-session abstract to