What's the difference between conservation and restoration?


An Art conservator is trained for both conservation and restoration.These differentiate in their intent for the artwork. Conservation regards the preservation of the cultural property and the activities include examination, documentation, stabilization and preventive care to minimize deterioration. Restoration refers to all actions carried out to an artwork that introduce non-original material modifying the appearance of the item. Restoration treatments are performed whenever the artifact has lost meaning or function through a past alteration or deterioration. In some countries like France or Italy the term "restorer" is used for "conservator." 

How can I contact an art conservator?

If interested in getting in touch with one of our members, please send an email to our email address (info@eacra.com), specifying the area of expertise the conservator must be expert of. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with the names of our members that best fit your request and their contacts. 


Can I become a member if I'm not an Italian citizen?

Sure! The enrollment to the Association is not related to the citizenship: everyone in the world can apply and become a member.



Yes! The activities are not organized by EACRA directly: EACRA works as a 'bridge' between its own members and any organization looking for a conservator/restorer service or for any conservation-related event, such as workshop, forum etc.

So, in order to be able to take part of any event that we promote, you have to become our member.

Do I have to be a member to be able to join the international annual meeting?